Fish Died After Water Change, but Why

I had this beautiful fantail goldfish that died after I did a water change on the tank. He was in a 10 gallon aquarium and I told my daughter to change some of the water in the tank at least once a week but she put it off and the water got very stinky. I did a 90% water change and left a little left for the goldfish. The new water seemed awesome for him. I woke up today and he was dead. My daughter is devastated and I feel bad.

tank changeRespond:

Toby P.
Don’t feel too bad. There are Ryukin and they are mistreated around the world on a daily basis. At least you had him in a 10 gallon tank to run around for his life to enjoy. What happens here though is you changed too much water. Even though that water was super murky.. That fish was use to it and the second you put clean water in there.. He wasn’t use to that.

Jason B.
Fish need bacteria that grows in the water and that smelly water contained water bacteria that the fish was getting use to as its home and you went and changed all the water and threw off his whole system of getting use to that previous water. It would be like you living in a cave with no light for a year and then throwing you in the beading sunlight. You would burn very badly. Bad example but the same instance more or less.

Ronny K.
What you told your daughter is correct and you should of lives by your own words. If you would have slowly change the water back to cleaner water, the fish could of slowly changed with the water. The fish needs slow change since it breaths through the water. Want me to change the air temperature your breathing very suddenly?? Probably not.

Anthony V.
People need to do a tiny bit of research before getting a pet fish and becoming so attached to it. If you care so much about your fish, research how it lives its life. This is a pretty clean cut answer here. You changed too much of the water and put the fish into shock probably.

Ben Z.
Give her a break its a stupid goldfish. We use these as feeder fish so come on and be nice. The woman actually cares and wants to know what she did wrong unlike a lot of others and just leave. Now she will know to do partial tank changes and to be careful with water temps and clarity of changing.

Bonny N.
I don’t know though because I do large percentages of tank changes and my fish loved a very long life. It was a goldfish too.

Sara B.
Yes but you are probably on well water when most of us are on city water which is way worse with chemicals stuffed into. Don’t feel bad about the fish. We have all killed fish on accident.

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