Goldfish Eggs and What to Do or Know

I have found goldfish eggs im my tank of 3 goldfish. I have had these fish for three years and these have never been in the tank so I’m almost positive these are eggs from one of the goldfish. I would love to have some babies be born. What do I do?

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Casandra P.

  1. goldfish eggs

    Image Source:

    The Female Drops the Eggs
  2. Eggs Need to Stick to Something
  3. Buy Spawn Mop for Eggs Stick to
  4. Male needs to Fertilize Fish Eggs
  5. Remove Eggs so Not Eaten
  6. New Tank Same Water Temp.
  7. Feed Babies Specific Food
  8. Return to Tank -Full Size

I’ve put together a list for you to use and remember quickly. Hopefully it is of some help. You can research the topics more in depth but this should give you a good idea before just jumping into rational decisions. Here are some images so you know what fish eggs look like for sure. Depending on what type or size goldfish you have will differ eggs somewhat.

Patricia B.goldfish mop
When you see the eggs you need to lay out something for the eggs to stick to because it helps to be able to remove the eggs when they are stuck to something. A plant works well or else they make things you can buy that the eggs stick to. If the eggs are on the bottom it is likely your going to wreck them when bringing them out of the tank. A lot of people just use a regular mop and it has to be new of course. Do not use a used one you already cleaned the house with of course. Pet stores sell actual things that are pretty similiar.

Ricki A.
The goldfish eat the eggs and its pretty disgusting but its just how it is. If you don’t remove them it will just be a tasty meal of their daughter or son.. No big deal! Haha

Peter G.
Only like 1/4 of the eggs will make it and a lot of the babies will die but I’m sure some of them will survive most likely. It’s always a cool thing to watch the growth of the babies. I enjoyed watching the growth of the babies and so did my daughters. They thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Here is an image of a mop used to give the eggs something to stick to!

Travis W.
When you put the eggs into a new aquarium, the water needs to be the same temperature as the aquarium water they come from. If the eggs change water temp too fast or drastic it will instantly send them into shock and kill them. The water doesn’t need to be deeper than 6 inches for the new tank full of the goldfish eggs. You can feed them egg yoke that is mushed up. It is either that or microorganisms.

Franky A.
You can stimulate your goldfish to breeding by changing the temperature of your aquarium water. Lower the water at nighttime to like 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the fish want to mate and stimulates breeding. Breeders often do this to get the process to commence faster. So if you are trying to Breed your goldfish then do this to help the process.

Rosanne E.
My goldfish have laid eggs numerous times but the eggs never grew into babies. I took the eggs out of the aquarium but then all the eggs turned white like bacteria moss looking. I think something was wrong with the eggs or else bacteria in the water.. I still have no idea why all of the eggs never made it.

Grant U.
People come to find out that the process of having babies is cool and all but once they’re all born here they are with 100 goldfish and they have no idea what to do with them. It’s kind of a serious deal to just all of a sudden read some fish and all of a sudden have couple hundred fish and have no idea how to get rid of them. A lot of times people just wind up killing them because fish have so many babies and that’s just how they work. Fish are not like dogs and only have like 6 to 9 puppies that have like 100 babies. Who the heck has the aquarium space for this many fish..

Ken D.
My goldfish usually make eggs a couple times a year and I always do aquarium water change and just throw them down because I cannot handle having that many fish. I know it’s kind of sad when you think about it and someone call it an abortion but I would rather not bring a fishing of this world that I do not have the water space for our capacity. Some people have the babies and then have no idea what to do with them and then I wind up killing them. What usually happens is a person tries to have to many fish in aquarium and the filtration system doesn’t keep up and bacteria grows in the water and kills all of the fish.

Dedra B.
Could it be possible for a person to think that a fish poop or bowel could look like eggs or is there any way that a person could mix these up at all. I do not own any goldfish yet but I am researching all of the topics just so I know what happens when I go out and finally by my goldfish.

Jessica Z.
Goldfish poop is very long it almost looks like a string so it will be very easy to make a judgment if it is fish eggs or if it is poop. I have heard though that is very common for the eggs to stick to the poop and they don’t know what to do because it stuck to the fish poop. I’m not sure if the eggs in the poop come out of the same hole but you would have to think that it would be very close together at some point.

Peter U.
You will definitely be able to tell when the goldfish eggs are eggs and not poop because it eggs will stick to a plant. They will either stick to a plant or some sort of structure you have in the tank. They’re designed to stick the things and that’s exactly what they’re going to do.

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