My Pregnant Molly Fish, How To Know?

I have some Molly fish and I think one of them might be pregnant. How can I know for sure that my fish is pregnant with fry. These fish don’t lay eggs right so all of a sudden I will have tons of small babies out of nowhere. I’m a little nervous here and need some help.

pregnant molly



Dedra S.
The female is obviously going to cosmetically look a lot bigger in size and the expansion of growth should be around the lower stomach area. The female molly will also start acting very independent and hanging out by herself because a lot is changing in her body.

David V.
What a lot of people don’t know is the fact that you can see the eyes of the new babies while they are still in the Molly fish. Because Molly fish are guppy species, their stomach gets really stretch like and almost clear and see through. Look very closely for the eyes of the baby fry in her stomach. There really isn’t too much to worry about. You can either take care of the new babies or else just let the other fish eat the newly born fry. Sounds disturbing but its how it happens in real Mother Nature.

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I now have Baby Mollies
A great little share by a woman in our community that has some very informative information on molly fish fry. Hopefully it is helpful to your scenario. Most people find out that having lots of batches of molly fry gets overwhelming because the new fry just continue to breed as well and the numbers multiply too fast for the average enthusiast to keep up with. Good Luck!

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