Overload Green Water in My Fish Tank Aquarium?

Topic: My 20 gallon tall aquarium has green water and my fish tank has been overtaken. It’s everywhere in my fish tank… I’m very worried about my fish. How do I fix this as soon as possible? Are my fish nude stress because they have to breath this through the water. I have two Shubunkin goldfish. Someone please tell me some good news.

Reply from Ricky G.
The good news is you made a good choice choosing the Shubunkin.. bad news is your fish will suffocate. Ok, that was mean but I guess you were kind of expecting it right? Your fish will be alright because goldfish are very hardy fish as far as water parameters.

green aquarium water

source: matthewlai.ca

The common reason algae over takes a tank like this is usually an excess of light. Maybe your fish tank is near a window or you setup a new light fixture… I don’t know. Start by cutting out all light and see where that gets you. Check after 3 days or so of the green is gone. Sometimes this is enough to get rid of it.

Reply from Author
The tank is near a window and I decided to move it a couple of days ago. Ughhhh now I feel like a loser because I knew that in the back of my head. What was I thinking. I let my tank sit in darkness for 3 days and the algae green color went down a lot. Should I just keep letting the tank sit in darkness to have it die down completely?

Reply from Ricky G.
If a majority of it is gone I would do a 50% water change and keep doing them on a daily basis until your water is cleaner. Always keep your filter going too. This is a cook thing that happens to aquarium owners so don’t feel bad.

Reply from Cassie S.
You can also use this small light fixture called a UV sterilizer. It kills algae and bacterias that live in the water. I used to have on in a goldfish tank of mine just to help cut down on dirty water. Goldfish are pretty messy creatures and it tended to get ahead of me at times.

Reply from Ricky G.
That’s a totally different subject matter though. A UV sterilizer can do bad things to your tank as well so you might want to watch it on that. Research more on that before using it because I’ve been down this road and remember just sticking with no light and doing drastic water changes of 50%. It worked for me.. Multiple times.

Reply from Author
I think I may just see what happens with the water changes and keep the lighting as low as possible. I moved my tank now so there is no direct sunlight now too. I read this years ago when I dirt started my aquarist days but it has just slipped my mind you know that. I guess that’s part of getting older (loosing your mind) haha.

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