Pregnant Guppy Fish Info & Fact Guide

Guppy fish get pregnant every couple of weeks so the idea of having tons of guppies on your hands could happen very quickly. A female guppy is going to look a lot different than a male guppy. A male guppy has lots more color and has all the beautiful traits these fish are known for.

pregnant guppy


You will be able to tell that the fish was pregnant because that will be a dark spot at its lower abdomen and stomach. These are actually the eggs inside of the fish and you will visually see a black spot on the female. She should be getting a little fatter as well because of the pregnancy. The image above gives a great visual on pregnant guppies.

Fish Behavior Changes

You will also see some weird behavior occurring because of the pregnancy like not eating is a very common practice. She will become less social with the other fish just because she has changes going on with in her body. She is probably going to going to solitude a bit maybe sit in the corner of the tank and then this is how you’re going to be able to tell that she is pregnant.

Your going to want to remove the pregnant fish from the tank to reduce any unneeded anxiety to the mother guppy. If 25-30 days go by without the guppy laying eggs, then start increasing the water temperature by two degrees a day. This will stimulate the laying of eggs.

Remove the eggs from the container or tank the pregnant guppy is in because the female guppy will eat her own eggs. It’s a bit disturbing but a lot if fish will do this to their eggs. The rest should take its course with the eggs. Look to our other guides for caring for small fry fish.

Related Information:

When the newborn fish are born you can feed them the same food that you would feed the regular sized guppies except you’re going to want to crunch it up. That’s Moloviste fish cannot eat that large of the food obviously so crunch it up into tiny little particles so that they can consume it.

You’re going to want to keep the little fried fish in their own container until they are big enough for the larger guppies not to eat that. As the smaller fish grow up you will be able to tell which are the males because they have more color than the females.

This process of caring for the new fry fish is actually pretty easy compared to other species of fish. You should enjoy how easy this process actually is because other fish tend to be a lot harder to take care of then you can just crunch up the food that you feed the regular fish and just give it to the new babies. And everything should take it’s course pretty easily.


Mathew A.
I have had baby guppies a couple of times now and I just found that I can’t Find enough places for all these fish so I had to stop having any more babies. They are so easy to care for but even though they may have more than you think see you sometimes have to watch it. This is a great beginner fish to have babies with though if you are looking to encounter something like as it’s a beautiful process.

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